Thursday, July 31, 2008

shooting update

I'm back at the computer for a long stretch having shot new segments on Chel White, architect (and nice guy) Steve Badanes and a few other surprises.

Now that I'm in Austin and it's time to edit everything for a local October premiere, I'm excited to see what sort of mix and direction the show will take as a whole this season. What blend of local stories vs. international? What amount of biography vs b-roll love fest?

And I'm considering taking a few different directions such as having a host talk us thru some culinary segments... maybe having dance be the consistent performing arts form from show to show instead of music... taking on some more difficult or issue-driven topics while keeping the production value where it is (would a beautiful image of an ugly subject negate or enhance the impact of what is being said? would it confuse or clarify something in a different way?).

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