Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deja Donne - Düsseldorf. Emmys 08.

I'm back from Düsseldorf. Jet-lagged with a bazillion emails to face.

Ten, 15hr days with Polish and Italian choreographers, German stagehands and Italian dancers... I've been in some other reality.
A good reality, where everyone is working their hardest to create the best work that they can.

I've put together a short promo (see above) for them to use in Brazil, where they'll be taking the show this Fall after a number of European dates. They hope to bring the performance to Austin and other N. American cities next spring.

Also, Emmy nominations came out last week and KLRU did very well, including 2 InContext.TV-related pieces.
One for a promo of the Dell Artbus Project and one for a my photography within the show.

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