Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fat Lady now silent.

Well... the Opera was finished on time and was a success. A giant experiment financially and production-wise that worked out well for the station. It looked great on KLRU-HD and was the first Opera the station has ever produced. Those with engineer's eyes were I'm sure fairly crazed by the lack of 100% compliance between all 5 cameras... but, I can live with it for what we spent.

Other stations have started asking to show it, so it looks like it's going to be a good outreach tool for ALO and the city.

Robert Faires at the Chronicle gave it a nice write-up.

My favorite thing that happened was that the woman who hired me to work at KLRU who has since retired, called me to say she was flipping channels and saw that we were running the local Opera and wanted to know "who produced it? It looked really good?" Ha!

Next up, Ballet Austin's complete Hamlet. We shoot that next week and it will run sometime in May I think.

Also two new episodes of iNCONTEXT.TV for broadcast in Feb. The 19th and 26th. The 19th will be a celebration of Black History Month and will include a long-form discussion with the extraordinary photographer Eli Reed and local-should-be-international favorite Pam Hart doing at least 2 songs. I'm having trouble choosing just one.

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