Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time My Best Friend

Goodbye 2010. A year of sea changes in a changing sea.

Professionally, I quit the security of PBS, sold the house, and was able to begin focusing on some things I had been putting off, or had been making excuses for not beginning for a long time.

I've gotten to:
- play live and record with one of the world's best drummers (and nicest people) Pat Mastelotto.
- film David Lynch working in his studio.
- produce an 11 camera shoot with Asleep and the Wheel and Willie Nelson
- produce, direct and edit a full length Ballet Austin broadcast.
- have Tony Levin (my bass hero) play on some new music I've been working on.
- make some art for art's sake for a change.

2010 was also the year my grandmother passed away. I spent literally every weekend of my childhood with her at the ranch growing up. I'll always be thankful for her spirit and busy smile as she made sure I had something cool to drink after a Texas summer day of pretending to help my grandfather herd cattle or mend fences. I got to see her just a few days before she died and she was alert and full of stories about family I had never met. And instructions. Got to give her a hug goodbye. And that's about all you could ask for.

Here is something from Aug 6th, 2004. Found it digging thru a box this afternoon. Seems like a good New Year's weekend kinda thing. Fun to hear what I've hopefully gotten much better at and what I should try and remember to keep if I can.

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