Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'Unturned' by Dutch Rall

"...language enables us to distance ourselves from the world. It helps us to withdraw from what is physically present, and can enable us to break down experience, whether present or not, into bits we can manipulate. To some degree, we can put experiences into order as we wish. There is an alienating element to this process. Language makes the world a colder, darker and trickier place. So language brings with it a new form of consciousness. Before Job people felt that everything that happened to them was meant to happen to them, that there was a divine purpose behind everything. Language enabled Job to step back and notice inconsistencies... that life is unfair. What saved Job from God's rebuke to this understanding was that he had that sense we all have when we awake from a wonderful dream, when we try to bring it back but cannot. He was aware that the range of human experience was in some way diminishing. In the apocryphal Testament of Job, he is rewarded for being conscious of what he did not know..." - Mark Booth

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