Tuesday, January 15, 2013

     Finishing up a new project for Guggenheim fellow Omar Currum which we're going to call 'Fifth Wall'... an experimental long-form short that is based around Omar's concept and choreography. With compositions by Mario Lavista (another Guggenheim alum) and shot in the unrelenting heat of Mazatlan. This one is a true labor of love.

Dutch Rall Omar Carrum Guggenheim Fellowship Mario Lavista Delfos Danza Mazatlan Tripping the Light Fantastic experimental dance vilm video art

It will be the first piece for a larger project I'm going to call 'Tripping the light Fantastic' which will be centered around movement, beauty and perception. Here is a still of dancer Rivi Madison for something therein for later this spring.

Dutch Rall Rivi Madison Tripping the Light Fantastic

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