Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Power Station's take on 'Bang a Gong' was the first bass line I ever sat down and tried to figure out. And Arcadia's 'Missing' was the first music video I attempted to create with a borrowed Super8, making my friend Michael put on loads of eyeshadow and lipgloss and somehow talking Gini M. into wearing pretty much nothing at all in the cold attack of our bizarre, highschool church.

So to say that I am excited to post the link to the debut of an official music video which I got to co-create for a Duran Duran art side project by Nick and Warren that debuts on Paper Magazine and is being commemorated by a limited edition Vinyl Factory 'Euphoria' set is pretty much the understatement of 2013.

dutch rall miss mosh jean renard TV Mania Euphoria vinyl

'Euphoria' debuts on Paper Magazine - TV Mania

Dutch Rall Miss Mosh Jean Renard Paper Magazine TV Mania Euphoria

And they let me do a video remix... in which I snuck in some new vocals of my own... who knows when I'll get to sing with Duran Duran again?!?!?! I owe Jean Renard a cupcake.

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